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 To facilitate the journey towards healthy and purposeful lives.

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The R.O.S.S. Reaching Out Saving Stars Movement was founded in February 2015 to honor of the memory and legacy of Ross Stanley Givens. Ross was a vibrant 19 year old who unfortunately lost his life to an accidental overdose in the midst of recovering from an opiate addiction.

Our vision is to empower young adults and their families struggling with addiction, mental health and Millennial generation issues along the journey towards leading healthy and purposeful lives.

The R.O.S.S Movement is unique in that it offers a safe, non-formal, and judgement-free environment to engage in an open dialogue of self-expression, as well as receive help from professional clinicians who provide the tools to help overcome difficulties we face.

We hold meetings and workshops designed to provide social advocacy and education tools for social, emotional, and mental health issues faced by the young adult community along their journey of discovering and fulfilling .

R.O.S.S. Movement holds scheduled group meetings facilitated by peers, community leaders, mental health, and addiction clinicians twice a monthly. The purpose of the meetings are to engage in conversation about topics and issues that remain undiscussed in our normal social environments.


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Our hope is to inspire and empower members to  develop and apply solutions alongside professionals in order to equip them to serve as advocates for peers who may be struggling with social issues. We also hope they can serve as a source of persuasion to encourage peers to pursue professional help when needed.We believe no one should face these problems alone, and no one should be inhibited by shame when in need of clinical help.



Please stay tuned! We are still in the process of building and developing our website as well as our vision.

Please check out our first video and feel free to share!!!

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